Monday, April 30, 2012


Today is my hubby’s birthday!  Happy birthday Hubby!  Here’s a funny realization we all came to last night..while we were at Nakato celebrating with my parents…

Hubby is as old now as my daddy was when Hubby and I started dating….how funny is that? 

AND today is my sweet baby boy Crash’s birthday too!  Yep, that’s right.  Crash was born on Hubby’s birthday.  He’s officially a teenager – 13!!!!  We got to pick when we had him, scheduled induction a couple of weeks early.  (Long story – but when I had Pootie, it damaged a nerve in my leg and I was in PT for months after having him…so they figured they would deliver Crash early and hopefully avoid doing the same thing.  It worked – no nerve damage – even though he was bigger).  Crash weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces and when he was born, the doctor said, umm, he has blond hair!  He is the most stubborn of my kids (Bubba giving him a run for his money) but he is the most loving and “huggy” kid.  He’s always been a hugger….he’s very sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve.  He’s a bit of a goofball and likes to make jokes and have people laugh.  We knew we were in trouble when he said he wanted to be the class clown.  REALLY Crash – you can’t reach for higher aspirations that that?  He is my kid that likes to be at home, content to just hang out.  He’s a super smart kid, with his love being math and science driven.  If he can get out of reading, he’s going to find a way.  He is my cautious child, not a risk taker at all, but always the one that ends up with a good booboo story.  (Pending knee surgery and all)  He still has blond hair and his eyes have stayed a different shade of grey blue.  He is a wonderful son and most of the time a good brother.

Here is Crash when he was one day old……his hair looks dark in this picture – but it’s just the bad hospital lighting…

sammy baby


sammy 3

100_0461nags head 2008 253






This was this past Friday, headed into the doctors appointment.  Crash and Bubba holding hands with Lotso Huggin’ Bear (Toy Story 3)


And of course, Bubba had to be up on the examine table with Crash…..



And here are my birthday boys!!!!


And as tradition stands….here we are last night at Nakato!!!! 

nakato 2012

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