Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nut shells

In a nut shell…so….much…going…on……..

1-Today was Bubba’s last day with his PT, Christie. He is officially “kicked out” of the Early Intervention Program.  I’m trying to not be emotional about it.  (more to come on what we will be doing for Bubba to keep moving forward with his progress)

2-Spent morning trying to get stuff lined up for Crash to have knee surgery once school is out.  involved my whole morning because NO ONE could answer my dang question!!  That really ticks me off – simple question – the MRI is tomorrow and I wanted to know if the facility is considered as the top tier “in network” or middle tier in network.  the big deal being a difference in the tier is a difference in deductible.  I want the top tier in network- it will save me a couple hundred bucks! 

3-I cannot get rid of this sinus infection and oh it would be so nice to not have my head echo!!

4-Bubba’s birthday is Saturday!  He’s going to be 3!!!  (And he acts all of a 3 year old that can pitch a fit – woooooo)  We don’t have anything big planned….we’re not big birthday party folk.  One of our preemie friends, Pierce, just celebrating his first birthday…he’s such a little miracle.  In reading about his turning one, I  wondered how I would feel this year as we got closer to “the date” that so much changed for us.  Does it get easier each year?  First birthday was very emotional. I think I cried several times.  Second birthday, even less (I think I was so dang excited he had quit nursing on his own and I didn’t have to go thru any drama with him on that) …and this year, I think it’s even less emotional that last year. I have found myself doing the “at this time 3 years ago”….like the other day at Lola’s school for her challenge run….(three years ago her challenge run as on the 21st)  I looked at mom and said “this time 3 years ago you were getting ready to take me to the ob because I knew something was wrong”.  And I was right. My water was leaking and later that day I went into labor and had a sweet little baby. 

Think that’s it, in a nut shell, for now.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that day like it was yesterday! Was sitting in the office paying bills after a fairly good night on call when I got the call that something was up. It feels like it was yesterday and also a million years ago all at the same time! Give that boy a big birthday kiss for me!!!