Sunday, September 13, 2009

Been a busy week

It really has been a busy week around here!!! Just little things but whew!! I was ready for the weekend!!!

Peanut had a check up on Wednesday - he is doing just fabulous. I just love my pediatricians. The boys see one and Lola and Peanut see another one...usually. Remember, I did make Pootie see the GIRL doctor for his check up. It was the first avaialable and he had to have these goofy health forms done for school sports. Side note, my pediatrician, Dr. Jenny, grew up over here in the neighborhood where I grew up. She is one year older than, me and I had a friends by association relationship with her. She was really good friends with my good friend, Sher, so ergo, we knew each other. AND her her brother and my brother played baseball together over at the private school.

I KNOW!! How cool. OK - back to the story...the bebe is just doing great. He is growing like a weed....remember high fat thighs, I mean breast milk. And she is just very pleased with his progress. ME TOO!

So the weekend brought us back to our favorite past time!!! REGULAR SEASON SOCCER!!! YEEEEHAW!!! Pootie had one game and Crash had two. All at the same location. It was a day outside in the beautiful weather watching my boys do what they love. Talk about a good time!!! Lola was happy because her buddies were there and she got to run and play too! Then she went home with Hubby's mom and hung out with her for a while...oh and she got to go shopping. Again, kids doing what they love! Girl LOVES to shop!

Last night, the 'hood had the after labor day block cook out. It is always so much fun. I just love our hood. It was also a "meet the baby" party too. So sweet.

Hubby made breakfast this morning...and he is off to referee today and I'll get some stuff done around the house, or not. Whatever. I might sneak out to a soccer game later on this afternoon with Crash---to go scope out the competition!!! :D

I'm sick, I know. Hello my name is Mom and I have a soccer addiction!!

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