Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I cheated!!!

Yep. I did. I cheated. Monday night we were supposed to have the Mac & Beef Casserole. And we didn't. We had Pizza Hut pizza. (fyi, it was so good) Hubby was playing in my most favorite golf tourney and I did not realize that there was a dinner afterwards ie he wouldn't be home for dinner. Bug-a-boo was very cranky as he always is on Mondays and all of a sudden I looked and

BAMMMM it was 6:00 and I didn't have dinner ready.

Being a wonder mom that I am, I quickly hopped on the 'puter and pulled up pizza hut and presto. Pizza was delivered 30 minutes later. Oh, and I had a beer. Hey - it was me or the baby, but one of us was going to chill out.

So that meant that I had this ground beef to use......yesterday I as NOT in the mood for a casserole. So again, because I am a wonder mom, (ya'll seriously, quit laughing.) I made a meatloaf. Now let me tell ya something about when I usually make meatloaf. My Gram, god love her, made some kicking meatloaf. Secret is that you just don't use ground beef. You a little other "grounds". Like pork, or veal, or even chicken. Makes for a nice consistency and super moist. Ain't nothin worse than a dry meatloaf.

Well I didn't have any of the other grounds. Remember, I changed the menu on the fly. So, I added 2 eggs, some crushed ritz, parsley and basil and POOF - into the oven it went. Once it was done I topped it with a mixture of ketchup and brown sugar and let that get all sticky hot.

Then off to soccer practice we all ran. When I got home I threw together some instant mashed taters (doctored up with bacon, tons of butta, and sour cream) and some peas.....

Dinner was damn good last night. While not as moist as I usually like, no one else noticed a difference, Hubby said it was awesome. Only a tiny bit left and Lola is taking it for lunch today.

My Gram would be proud!!!!

OK - must go polish my bracelets. (wonder woman, get it? after all, hubby's phone plays the theme song when I call. oh yeah, I set that ring tone up! whooops!)

Really quick. Here is little man. He is such a big boy now!! :D He is sittting in his new Bumpo that Mechelle gave to him. He just loves it!!!!! (which is the coolest thing ever and was so not around when the other three were bebe's)

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Merae said...

Are you kidding me with this picture? He IS such a big boy, sitting up in his bumbo! I love it! I wish I was closer and could snuggle him for a bit.