Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A virus and happy thought and prayer requests

My computer has a virus, so until I get it fixed, my postings will be fewer and farther between. I'm at work right now posting this. Dad will be so happy to know how I am spending these few moments this morning. But I came in a tad early to do just this. When I get home this afternoon I will have a chance to call a HELP desk and try to tinker around with things...

I have a head cold - no swine flu, so that's two viruses! Bummer.

The happy thought for the day is that TOMORROW (the 24th) Hubby and I will have been married ("yes, mar-ried". Movie line please!) for 15 years!!! Happy Anniversary to my dear hubby. He gets to go coach Crash's team at practice.

Please pray for my friend Ginger. Her Daddy just passed away. (Ginger's link is on the left hand side. )

Please pray for my friend Maria tomorrow. As Hubby and I celebrate our union, my friend Maria remembers her dear hubby that passed away 4 years ago on the same day. She is such a strong woman and I just adore her.

Please pray for Kevin and Mandy and their new baby Devin. They are first time parents and just rejoicing in their son's safe arrival. (Mandy ended up having an emergency c-section on Monday late afternoon). I've know Kevin since he was a little "twerp" bugging me and his sister, Kelly....he and Mandy tried for a long time to have this little guy! So very happy for them and the family!!!

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