Monday, November 30, 2009

As If I don’t feel fat enough…….

Peanut is 32 weeks tomorrow.  (If you go by months, he was 7 months old on the 21st of November - the whole week/month thing doesn't play out just so but whatever..)

I feel like this....

My excuse  issue is that I am still nursing....(not a complaint, a choice that I am thoroughly enjoying)...but I am STARVING all the time!!!!  All that crap that I always heard about mom's losing weight so fast because they were nursing....

BIG FAT LIE!!!!!! 

(no pun intended)

Now, I know I don't have to eat some of the crap that tastes so good, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast, left over brie for lunch, some BR chocolate chip ice cream...but I like the crap and it’s like my body is screaming for it!!!!!  It tastes so incredibly yummy. 

And, if I don't eat something first thing in the morning (while I'm making the big 3's lunches so it just makes sense to eat a sam-ich...)  oh yeah back to the point...

...if I don't eat something first thing - I will (a) get a head ache or (b) pass out because you know who is still up about 2x in the middle of the night to eat.. again not a complaint..just a fact!

So, like I don't feel bad enough about myself, I happen onto the ole lap today and what do I see....Heidi Klum Samuel (she has taken Seal's last name) in the news again.  She had Seal had baby number 4 in October, a girl, and they are calling her Lou...and she is adorable.....

And then the news story announces that Heidi is in the ‘09 Victories Secret “Fashion” show…this will be what, like the 3rd time she’s done that – popped out a baby and 8 weeks later done the cat walk in her bra and panties..(fyi – photo below was in 05 and it was 8 weeks after having un bebe.)


And this is supposedly one of the photo’s from the ‘09 show that is appearing tomorrow night on CBS…

Heidi Klum - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009 (Image: Splash News)


I hate her.

And now I feel like this….

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Anonymous said...

That is one of the most disturbing photos I have ever seen...

So I have heard it takes 9 months for pregnancy & to also give yourself 9 months till you are back to yourself...It was on Oprah!!! :)