Monday, November 16, 2009

Manic Mondays

As normal, today is a manic monday.  Why is it a manic monday again??  Well, Lola had to go to the doctor today.  (I actually did the trip to the CVS Minute Clinic - love it!!!!

Now the " funny" part is that under any other circumstances, I would not have trekked off to the doc's...she only started feeling bad yesterday for goodness sakes.  She was complaining about her throat hurting and had a fever.  Let's face it, there is some nasty sch-tuff out there right now, but you know me, I'm typically not a race to the doc and ask for a fix kind of gal!!!  But because of "un bebe", I made the run this morning. 

She has strep.  So we left the CVS with an antibiotic and more pain reliever and ibuprofren.  24 hours on the antibiotics and then she can go back to school.  That would be Wednesday....and until
Wednesday she is going to stay the heck away from Peanut. 

Tomorow, Peanut has a CT scan and a visit with Dr. Heafner, the neurologist.  I am very excited and very nervous all at the same time.  I want Dr. Heafner to look at me and say - see ya in a year!!!  That would be so nice wouldn't it?  I feel in my heart that Peanut is fine, just really want Heafner to tell me that. 

Don't forget that if you are one of my email people, and you know who you are, email me, please!!!  I'm trying to rebuild that email database!!! 

One more thing, I'm sitting here with Oprah on in the background.  Sarah Palin is on and she just called Katie Curic "the perky one".  FUNNY!!!!!!!  And just an FYI, I wouldn't pay two cents to see Levi in Playgirl....he's gross.  He's kind of up on that list of mine with John Gosslin.  

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