Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HUGE News for the Dub Family!!!

Peanut had a CT scan and a visit with Dr. Superman, the neuro doc. As I am sure you can imagine, these appointments cause me to STRESS OUT!!!! This all goes back to Peanut having the grade 3 brain bleed in-utero. I usually cry on the drive downtown. I see that Peanut is doing well, but hey - we didn't know that he even had the brain bleed - remember, we (along with the doctors) were blown away by the fact that he had the dang thing to begin with, he was not symptomatic of having had one.

Scan was at 1 yesterday. Same young gal that has done the past scans did this one. She usually comments as she is doing the scan...stuff like, "oh it looks good. His head looks good. Ventricles look good."

She did not this time.

My nerves tightened even more....

From there, we headed up the road to Dr. Superman's office. And we waited. (He's worth the wait in my book.)   My hope going into the appointment was that Dr. Superman tell us that we didn’t need to come back for 4-6 months.  That would be great news…so I kept saying prayers as I sat and waited…

The scans get emailed over to his office, along with the report, he reads it and then he sees us. Dr. Superman asked me how I thought Peanut was doing. I think he's fine. (although right as I am typing this, he wont' take a nap, but whatever!)  He measured his bald head, he did a neuro test (consisted of baby playing with toys) and then said these words to me...

Peanut is fine. Peanut does not have hydrocephalous. Peanut does not have enlarged ventricles. Peanut's head is perfect!!! I do not need to see him again!

It was unbelievable!!  All I could do is cry.  We are so fortunate to have this fabulous outcome with such minimal intervention.  Dr. Superman is wonderful.  His decision to NOT use a surgical intervention (ie shunt) and to have the spinal taps done (thank you ANGIE!!) gave his body time to correct the crazy problem of the brain bleed.  Is the outcome every time for every baby?  Is time and a couple of taps going to work for every preemie baby??  Absolutely not, but it did this time and we are so blessed.

I am forever grateful and truly believe that little Peanut is OUR own little miracle!!!!

Thank you to Dr. Superman, Angie, Dr. Drew and everyone who took care of our sweet little baby!!!!

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