Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thursday night was the season finale of Project Runway, Season 6.  Meana Irina won.  And she should have!!  When was the last time you saw such finally crafted dominatrix outfits!!!    Classssssyyyyyyyy stuff I tell ya!!!!!!  Now don't get me wrong - I really think that some of the stuff she created throughout the season was really cool...but the stuff that she presented on the runway - uhhh let me think about it. 


This was one of her better season designs, it was for Ink.....if I recall correctly, and I do, she won this challenge...

And this is what she spent 6 weeks and $9,000 designing!  I want to snatch the stupid hats off!!!!  I thought it was very way over the top and landing in Dominatrixville. 


But even more concerning for me was one of the judges....ergo, my ????? heading!!!  I think this lady so totally did NOT realize that Something about Mary's Mary hairdo, was a J-O-K-E!!!  Totally went over her head - either that or it's stuck in the dang curl!!! 


I mean really.  How in the name of all that is good and holy did that one get by Tim?  And how, did Heidi, Michael and Nina keep a straight face during their talks!!!???

Every good mom should wrap up a conversation where she has used the words "dominatrix" and  referenced Mary's styling hairdo needs to make sure there is a picture of her here it is...

All my bebe's on Halloween....


Aren't they so cute!!!!  So you get the full effect of  Pootie's costume, here is another shot.  Crash was a cereal killer.  As opposed to a serial killer..get it?  Lola was a boxer and Peanut was a baby giraffe. 


 Just call me supermom!!!!

Oh - and since you asked.  My brother came home yesterday for a short visit.  He is doing to hang out with his buddies without having to explain himself. And then he spent the day with us..ok, my kids.  I did his laundry and we cooked him breakfast and lunch.  It was wonderful.  He has to go back to Ft. Benning tomorrow night but will be back on Thursday!!!  We love him and he is just doing so well and is so happy!!!! 

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