Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So my Pootie left to go to Florida without us for Thanksgiving!!  I'm so sad.  I cried!!!  Really.  He's in good hands, I know that...he's just not with me.  And you know that I am a mother hen.

Last night Lola got to go see Miley Cyrus (and she was Miley not Hannah) last night with her buddy 'Randa.  'Randa's mom got the tickets and took the girls with another one of her friends, Shelly.  The girls look so cute!!!!

Here they are down at 'Randa's getting ready to leave....

Lola got to wear the sparkle skirt that our friend Emily wore 2 years ago to go see Miley.

Emily's mom (Auntie Donna made the skirt and of course had to make a matching little purse...Lola loved it!!)

They got home about 10:15 and Lola said they had the best time!!!!  'Randa's mommy said that there were NO boys there, but sure were alot of daddy's that took daughters. 

Good times and good friends!!!  Doesn't get any better!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!  Be safe!!!!

Go Predators (Pooties soccer team!)  Go get that national title!!!!

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Ginger said...

Love the glitz and glam! Bet the had a great time. Happy Thanksgiving!!