Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Jumping!!!

Here is the little Peanut. he loves to sit in his exer-saucer and jump! Typically the dog, Shelby, hangs close by, ya never know when food will end up within her reach!!! She likes the Fruit Puffs that he chomps on!!!!

What else.  Crash and Lola had eye doctor appointments today.  All is well with them for the time being.  We are supposed to keep an eye on Lola.  ( No pun intended)

Pootie has a dance recital tomorrow.  No, that is not a typo.  HE has a dance recital for school.  All fine and dandy were he to have PICKED the class.  But he didn’t.  Remember?  He got stuck in the class because his French class was dissolved.  Lovely eh?  And I have to go buy a yellow t-shirt tonight for it.  Really busts my bubble. 

Ethel and I decorated PSE’s (the elementary schools) bulletin  board.  We did a damn good job.  If I do say so myself.  And I do.

jan 11 2010 009

Isn’t it cute?  Want to see a picture of Lola’s teacher? 

jan 11 2010 008

He’s the one on the right.  The one of the left is also a 3rd grade teacher at the school  The were part of a really odd Dodge ball team for a pep rally.  We feel good about her education!!! 

Guess that is it.  Did a big grocery shop yesterday.  Have dinner’s for the next 14 nights!!!  Think I came up with some good and different things…we’ll see what the family thinks!!

Last night was shrimp stir fry.  Tonight is Chicken and Dumplings – tomorrow night, not quite sure – need to look at my options since I have to work around the fact that Pootie has to be at school at 6pm.  I’ll post the list tomorrow or the next!!

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