Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Late on the Celebration….


so I’m a little late on the the celebration of Delurker Day. Officially is was on the 14th of January.  I actually found out about Delurker Day from reading one of my favorite bloggers, “Happy Meals and Happy Hour”.  (as a mom you have to love that title)

Well, I’m a day late (or four) late and a dollar short…So…I’m officially announcing today, January 18th, as the 2nd official Delurker Day.  (It’s my blog, I can do what I want)

“De-lurk” means to leave a comment by the way.

So please.  All of you who keep saying “oh, I love reading your blog”, prove it.  Start leaving me comments.  Ya don’t have to comment on what I write about.  Comment on whatever ya want.  the weather, the price of tea in china, how much ya love me, whatever. 

Just do it!!  Pretend it’s a contest…it’s not, but pretend.

Delurk away!!! 

1 comment:

Ginger said...

So Cute!! I love your new blog background. Never heard of Delurker Day until now, but I like it.