Sunday, March 6, 2011

Looonnngggg Weekend

It was a LONG weekend around here.  Not the good kind of long weekend either.  Whether was YUCK – which really makes me yearn (love that word) for summer to get here fast.  Just rainy and cold-ish. 

And Bubba got sick.  Really sick.  He’s had a little snuffle here and there, probably due to teething more than anything.  But this time, he got SICK. Has been feeling yucko since Thursday.  How sick is he?  I held him all day on Friday with the exception of about 2 hours, and that’s cause he was in his car seat while I ran an errand with my Daddy.  I have not held this child since well, he was a bitty baby in the NICU.  Honest.  Saturday, held him most all day and night.  Saturday night he slept with us and I held him.  And today, held him for the better part of 6 hours. 

Took him to the doctor on Friday late afternoon because he was having such trouble breathing.  Negative on the flu test, Negative on the rapid strep which shocked the heck out of his doc because she said his tonsils looked really nasty. 

He’s miserable and I feel so bad for him.  So, I sit and hold him, just like he asks….

Bubba:    Hold you Mommy.

Me:    Yes, Mommy is holding you.

Bubba:  Mommy’s arms.  Mommy’s arms.

Me:  Yes, Mommy’s arms are around you.

Bubba:   My love Mommy

Me:  And I love you Bubba.

Bubba:  Hold you Mommy.

Me:  Yes, Mommy is holding you Bubba.

We repeat this over and over again until he falls asleep.  And he sleeps until he coughs so hard and gags himself that he wakes up screaming again. 

Needless to say – we are going back to the doctor in the morning. Hubby is downstairs with him right now, asleep on the couch.  It’s the cutest thing. 

Plus it’s rained all day.  YUCK!  I’m over it!  I want spring.

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