Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stuck in the middle…

I’m just really starting to realize that I am stuck right in the middle – being a mom of a teen and a mom of a tot – and of course the two in between.  My life is somewhat all over the board.

Pootie is such a teenager.  Over scheduled, overly tired and always hungry.  Bubba is well, a toddler now and just a busy boy.  Into everything and NOT wanting to be held or contained (stroller, shopping cart, etc.) 

I don’t have any friends really in this same situation.  (with honestly the exception of one…..)  I’m very scattered.  For instance, today (because Bubba is starting to feel better amen and halleluiah) I will be at the school sorting apparel orders for the spring sports teams…..and chasing my toddler. Luckily Crash has agreed to help me keep up with the toddler. 

The toddler who, by the way, has taken to watching Dora.  I never thought I would have to hear that stupid song again. 

We did it! (We did it!) We did it!  Hooray. I hate Boots by the way.  And it drives me NUTS how she asks questions, like “what was your favorite part” and then pauses like she can hear your answer. 

Oh, I’m off track. 

Point is, I feel like I’ve got one foot firmly planted in mid air in both worlds.  The big three and Bubba. 

What is it in your life that leaves you stuck in the middle….is it a working mom situation?  Is it a teen child and an adult “child”?  (That will be me too on down the road.)

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Heather said...

That does sound hard. I appreciate your honesty. You have such a beautiful family!