Thursday, March 24, 2011

My head is going to spin off

Literally, right now, my head is going to spin right off my shoulders!! 

I am so irritated.  WHY…….well let me tell ya.

The schmuck Peter Gorman, Charlotte Mecklenburg School System Superintendent, has plucked my LAST. GOOD. NERVE.

My kids will tell you that is a BAAAADDDDDDD thing to happen.

He is working hard to institute a pay for performance program for our teachers based on student TEST scores…  to the tune of 21 million dollars over a couple of years.  (That’s local, state and federal funds by the way.) 

It’s a DUMB idea.  Tried in New York City, Chicago, Texas, California, and Florida, to name a few.

Didn’t work in ANY of those states for what it’s worth.

Ain’t going to work here. 

I’ve spent the better part of the day doing research on it and putting together information for other parents so we can be informed.

I’d be happy if he resigned and LEFT CHARLOTTE.  I’d help him pack too.

and his wife and her stupid Parent University mess.

Our kids do not need yet another multiple choice test.

And you want to know who started all this mess…



ParkerMama said...

They would LOVE to implement this in Utah too. Makes me nuts!

Tammy and Parker

Shelia said...

I totally agree with you!!!! Absolutely a complete waste of our tax dollars. My children attend Union County Public schools and it infuriates me how they base so much emphasis on stupid test scores. Some children, no matter how gifted, talented and book smart they may be, simply DO NOT test well. Therefore how can that ever be an indication of how well a child is learning or what degree. I so wish i could homeschool but as a single mom, it's not an option.