Saturday, October 15, 2011


TGIF – thank goodness.  I mean really, I felt like the days were dragging this week!!! 

Hubby took the day off on Wednesday.  He is losing hours at work. ….as in – his vacation bank is full and he cannot accrue anymore so they will be lost.  So he’s going to start taking random days off…which is great when he checks with me first on the day.  I had to go to PTO meetings at the middle school in the morning.  so instead of us getting to go out to breakfast, we had to go to lunch.  But that ended up being fun because one of my best friends, KERRRRIIIEEEEE, got to come with us.  We had hoped her hubby, MARCCCCC, could come too, but he had to go out of town.  Which stinks because we all have a great time together.   

So- I have these things that the PT has me do with Bubba as part of his therapy.  Hubby did them…and it's really nothing more than playing certain games (and Bubba does most by himself) but I was texting Hubby from the meeting reminding him of the rules…make him use his right foot.  Make him reach.  Don’t let him crawl up the stairs…stuff like that.

We also got to take a nap..which is just the most glorious thing in the middle of the day when you have 4 kids.

Tomorrow, (which is now today since it’s taken me forever to finish this post) Hubby and I are going to the races.  Don’t ask me which one – the one at the Lowes Motor Speedway that starts at & something tonight.  I AM a race snob and I am not ashamed to admit it.  Only way I’ll go is when we are so fortunate to have SWEET SUITE tickets, so we do and we’re going.  PLUS we have VIP parking…

I’m really looking forward to this event with my Hubby – seriously I am.  It’s not to often we get the time or the opportunity to go off like this just us.  Don’t get me wrong – we love getting family time and love being with the kids…but this is fun and exciting FREE ADULT TIME!  (Free food free drink and I’m not having to pay for a babysitter either – my in laws, bless them, are coming over….)

This was the little invite that came with the tickets and parking pass Smile  How cute – huh? 

race info

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LifeIsArt said...

i lived near that damn race track a lot of my life and i still haven't been to a race..evah! hahaa!! hope it was fun!