Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am so……All over the place…..


I am so horrified by the accident that happened in Las Vegas at that Indy Race.  It totally scares me…..and his wife was there…..I feel so bad for her and her two sweet boys.  I hope that some type of change is implemented to protect the drivers.  (I know they know that there is HUGE immeasurable risk involved when you “sign up” to be a race car driver….)


I am so fascinated by the show Sisterwives on TLC.  I’m not all about sharing my hubby – heck I don’t really share my diet dr. peppers very well – but I kind of get it.  (Let me also add that I believe that the Bible tells us what is right and wrong…but in the old testament those guys had multiple wives I’m not really wanting to debate doctrine here I’m just saying I get it…). 

I mean think about.  THEY HAVE THEIR OWN VILLAGE…I’d want the whole share the house set up like they had back in Utah…Cause that system worked….Three of them worked, (the hubby and two of the wives) and then the other two stayed home with the kids….

Again, I’m NOT saying I want to share Hubby.   (I’m having too much fun with him these days – now that we are getting up there in our age…) maybe its more of the shared responsibilities that are there?  I’m just thinking it’s kind of fascinating…..weird but fascinating…


I am so proud and nervous and excited for my oldest son.  He has been asked (again) to go to this soccer training day and workout with the national trainers.  It’s a big deal in the youth soccer world.  I’ll keep you posted on what all is going on there as things progress.  I just want him to do his best and have fun doing it….and to be safe


I am so over this weather changing all the dang time.   Yesterday we had the hottest day on record for October or something like.  We’re supposed to have rain tonight and tomorrow and something the weather folk keep calling “THE BIG COOL DOWN” later this week (they are SOOOOOO dramatic and annoying).

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LifeIsArt said...

can't wait to hear what happens with j and nationals! woohooo!

and about the commune..i kinda get it too. i'd have a lot of fun talking about him behind his back to the other wives who would have to totally understand. i'd wanna be able to help pick the other wives though. come to think of it...maybe i need several husbands. HA!! (haven't seen the show but that always fascinates me too. wild!)