Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random-ness of the day

It’s raining here.  I really do hate the rain.  I know.  I post that all the time.  But I do.

Today consisted of taking Pootie to see the Orthopedic doctor about his knee.  This weekend he went to the mountains with his buddies and they ran around like hillbillies.  Paintball guns.  Fishing.  Being boys.  He had a blast.  But he did step into a hole and mess his knee up a bit.  I got multiple text messages from him on Saturday night and Sunday morning telling me how bad his knee hurt. For my boy to text me as much as he was texting me….I was concerned. 

Fast forward.  X-ray – lots of twisting him this way and that and he’s fine.   A strain on the knee ligaments…continuing icing, keep it elevated when he can, and he put him in a compression sleeve.  Light practicing and then he can play his butt off this weekend. 

His team goes to Raleigh on Saturday for a game.  Big deal, but not as big as the next Saturday….the 22nd.  Pootie has been asked to come to a national market training session.  He will train and scrimmage for a couple hours in front of the national trainers and coaches…with other kids around the region who have also been asked…It’s a big deal….and he is very excited….and now we know that his knee is ok….

What else…..my new favorite thing is to sit and work (at either of my part time jobs) and do the split screen and watch tv on my laptop.  So much easier than trying to watch it on the actual tv.  Plus – I’m saving time.  I DVR most things but even then I have to stop and hit FF…..this way – there’s like one commercial every so often so the actual time it takes is less…for example.  I love The Good Wife.  But for the past 2 Sunday’s the DVR hasn’t gotten it recorded because the time is messed up because of football.  So, I watch it on my ‘puter while I’m working.  Without all the commercials the show is only 43 minutes and 15 seconds.  I’m capturing more of my day by watching tv on the ‘puter Winking smile 

Hubby is taking the day off tomorrow.  I’m trying to figure out what we could do with the baby after my pto meetings at the middle school and before the Big 3 get home from school.  Is there still putt putt around here?  I think the Bubba would LOVE it…he wants to go play golf so bad he can hardly stand it…

Now I’m watching Revenge – another really good show that started this season….OH – and my friend Marybeth had mentioned how much she liked CASTLE – watched the season openers last week….LOVED it…

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suzycm said...

Glad the boy's knee is OK! Thank GOODNESS.