Friday, December 9, 2011

It’s not what you say….

It’s never what you say – it’s HOW you say it.  A couple of my fellow blogging friends (LIFE IS ART being one) are really good about saving tidbits of things that their kids say….I’m going to attempt to do the same…especially with Bubba.  He is saying some of the funniest things these days.

This morning while we were getting dressed for the day he brought me his soccer cleats and said….

Hey  mom (and he lowers his voice too which is hysterical) can you get me a toothbrush so I can clean my cleats?’

Yeah sure honey I’ll get right on that…you’re spending too much time with your older brothers and your daddy!

The other day over at my parents house my mom was cleaning.  (little note for the story – Bubbas HATES the vacuum and goes into absolute freak mode if he sees one)

Ninny (that’s my mom):  Bubba, do you want to go upstairs with Nin, I’m going to go vacuum upstairs?

Bubba:  Ain’t happen’n.

Yesterday Bubba and I went thru the drive thru at his favorite fast food joint TACO BELL.  (Kid loves him some taco bell and he’ll eat anything from there…his favorite is a mexi melt and a crunchy taco AND a mexican pizza) 

So I ordered, went got our food and headed to circle out of the drive thru and Bubba says

Hey MOMMMM – you forgot your diet pepsi!

He was right – I’d driven off and forgotten to get my diet pepsi from the girl in the window.  Glad someone was paying attention!

And here is our favorite.  Let me give my disclaimer – HE DID NOT HEAR THIS FROM ME.  I’m really NOT sure where he DID hear it, because none of the big 3 will fess up!

Pootie (the 15 yr old) is juggling the soccer ball (a common occurrence in this house) and Bubba is watching and sorta kicking it back to him…the ball bounces and hits Bubba in the belly (not hard, relax)

Bubba: Heeeeyyyyy we don’t hit in the stomach with the soccer balls …

Pootie:  Oh really?  And he bounces ball into Bubba’s belly again…

Bubba charges at him and says …(get ready for it)

I’m going to kick your ass.

Nice huh?  Pootie then falls  overtop of himself laughing in great hysteria and then looks at me and says “Hey mom, he’s going to NEVER be allowed to go to preschool!”  Really Pootie , thanks for the 4-1-1 on that.

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LifeIsArt said...

that kid is awesome already.