Sunday, December 11, 2011

NOT the Christmas Card


This is NOT the Christmas card…..first off because, Lola is not in this….she is actually the one the suggested that the boys needed a picture “just boys”….aren’t they the cutest things ever?

black and white 2

And this is NOT the Christmas card – but we NEVER take pictures with all six of us in the frame.  We think these are cute – Crash keeps saying “gosh mom , how do you get my shirts so white”…I think the bird on Lola’s shirt looks like an eraser mark….oh well


and this is NOT the Christmas card – although I thought it was cute ….the Bubba INSISTED that Santa be in the picture!

You’ll have to wait for the card!!!!


Little shout out to the boys from UNC Charlotte Men’s Soccer Team – ya’ll are awesome!  So very proud of you!!! 


Marybeth said...

Whether it's the Christmas card or not... it sure is cute! Loved seeing the kids!

LifeIsArt said...

all very cute. love the one of all 6 of ya.