Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Words for a Wednesday

Bubba:  Momma can you fix me a “little Neil”. 

Me:  WHAATTTT are you talking about?

Bubba:  Like Pootie (he actually said his real name, first and middle, of course)…I want a “little Neil”.

Pootie walks into den and sits down with a bowl of SOMETHING, of which I can only guess is the “little Neil”.

Me:  Pootie – what the heck are you eating?

Pootie:  Oatmeal…..why?

Bubba:  See mom?  I want some too.


Hubby went for his favorite work day of the year this morning.  The Salvation Army toy distribution center.  The last couple of years Pootie has gone with him – and they’ve worked in the bike department.  Pootie couldn’t go this year.  He’s had a head cold…so he was still in bed…(have to get him healthy before Monday)  this year hubby was a “car packer”.  He got to see each and every family that left, with toys, and help them get the stuff in their cars.  He said that there were several that looked like the actually LIVED in their cars. 

Makes me sad. 

Makes me not stress over the “did I do enough” that I do each year.

Makes me thankful for myour home, that is always needing something cleaned, repainted or fixed….

Makes me thankful for my husband, who is an awesome, husband, father and provider for our family.

Makes me thankful for my kids – who are all healthy and happy (well except when I ask them to do chores Smile)

Puts everything in perspective.

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