Saturday, December 17, 2011

Not the Christmas Card….Take Two

So, I’m STILL waiting on the dang cards to show up…but that’s a post for another day.

I got a wild hair and NEEDED the kids pictures done the other day…no comments from you PHOTO GIRLSmile 

I am not a super everyone smile and look right at the camera type of girl….most of the pictures in my house are more candid, more “my kids” and not so perfectly posed.  I am trying, ONCE a year to get them all together and do a couple of shots, just “them” still being them – but looking at the camera so I can see their beautiful faces that I love so much.   

The young lady that took the pictures deserves a gold medal – because it was at the end of a long day for Bubba and he warned her….he didn’t want to have his picture “tooken”…and he did his best to make her work! 

So here are a couple of my favorites..


I threatened to take away his Monsters Inc DVD. I did!  I promise!  Bubba was being WRETCHED!  All the props were sending him into a goldilocks type fit – running from little chair to little chair…..drove me nuts!

This is from Summer 2010……standard kid shot number one for our family….


and December 2011…



I love these – again – 2010 and now……







This is our “standard shot” two….here it is from Summer 2010..


And here they are December 2011…


I just love this – because this is a picture of MY kids….it was their idea last year…..the baby was always on top of Pootie’s shoulders, Crash always does the arms cross pose and Lola – well, if you know me, she’s the same….hip-cocked-out-hands-planted-perfectly-on-the-hips kinda girl….

So, none of these are the card picture.  At the rate the company I ordered from is going, ya’ll might be getti’n the card sometime in the New Year. 

So for now….Merry Christmas to all of ya!

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LifeIsArt said...

yeah. imma have to cave and do the studio crap sometime before h graduates, too!
very cute.