Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thoughts for THURSDAY

I was trying to get some work done this morning – when I’m working from home (which is most of the time) the Bubba is in my office with me….he has his own desk and “set up” and we play music or turn a video (if needed)….mostly we talk. 

Well today he was sorta near me, but I was a million miles away.  He told me he was coloring….

And he was….

And then he told me when he was done….

And he was…..


Crayola marker all over his legs, between his toes, it’s on his face and YEP – he even got some in his hair.  Oh well –



This is Bubba and his 5th or 6th cousin. ….that’s a whole family debate…what do you think?  It’s my dad’s cousin, Jimmy, granddaughter.  So if Jimmy is my 2nd cousin, his son is my 3rd cousin – well this is Aubry.  She and Bubba had their own table for dinner and were sooooo good!


And this is Jimmy and his son, Derrick.  If you can’t tell.  Derrick looks and acts JUST like his dad!  Freaks me out.


And Jimmy’s wife Cindy…I think she is just delightful – and that is Courtney next to her, who is Derrick’s wife.


And Hubby and his momma – Itsy as the kids call her…..again, if you can’t tell – they are related.


And this is my Aunt Millie (Gram Mabel’s younger sister).  And my Daddy.  Mille moved her, and then so did Jimmy and Cindy.  So happy to have them close by…Millie cracks me up!


Mother and Father in law – Dave and Patsy….poor things.  Dave was on call and then Patsy came down with P-nuemonia!


And yep, my Daddy and Crash.  Disgusting! – but so them



Pootie and Lola…..


And all the kids with the Biggest kid of them all – my brother…..

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Roxanne said...

LOVE the pics! It's good to see everybody!