Tuesday, October 9, 2012

3 year old check up


Today Bubba FINALLY had his 3 year old check up.  (Don’t judge) He was not really happy about going.

Bubba:  I don’t need to go to see Dr. Jenny because I am fine.

Me:  I know, that’s why it’s called a check up. 

Bubba:  But I am fine.  I go to bed every night.  I get my snack, I go upstairs and I go to sleep.  See mom, I am FINE.

How do you argue with that?

His check up was great.  He did talk to Dr. Jenny.  He told her that he liked pineapple and carrots.  And that he didn’t go to school yet, but when he did he was going to his sissy’s school. 

He is very smart – and he told her as much.

He’s come up with some other funny things recently.  I really should be better about writing this mess down.

Yesterday at the Bi-Lo he was pushing one of the little shopping carts.  We got to the end of one of the isles and he stops and says

This is so embarrassing.  I can hardly drive this thing.

Last week.  He was asking Pootie and Crash what they were going to be for HalloWEED (yes, he was calling it HalloWEED until we told him that was WEEN, not WEED)..

Bubba:  Crash, what are you going to be for Halloweed?

Crash:  I don’t know for sure, maybe a gypsy with G (his friend)

Bubba:  Pootie, what are you going to be for Halloweed?

Pootie:  I don’t know Bubba, I’m not sure I’ll go out.

Bubba:  Umm Pootie, I think I have some stuff you could wear.

This past Saturday we all went out for breakfast together to Greg’s BBQ (yes here in the south BBQ places usually are great places to get breakfast – thank you Kerri!) 

Bubba to the gal waiting on our table….

I’d like a HALF order of French Toast please. 

She just starting cracking up – got him his dang half order of french toast.

Funny little guy.

So to sum up his 3 year old check up…

Height – 36 3/4 inches Weight 31 1/4 pounds.  Vocabulary of a teenager. 


But we knew that already  

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