Monday, October 8, 2012

Le Menu

This week I had a request from Crash for Chicken Parmesan….so that is how we are starting the week’s menu off!


Chicken Parmesan with a side of pasta and broccoli.  I pounded the stew of the chicken ta-ta’s (which should remind everyone that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – so if you are do for a ta-ta squishing….PLEASE schedule it NOW!!!  It’s not THAT bad!)..oh yeah, back to the pounding.  So I beat them, then lightly breaded them in Italian bread crumbs (with extra garlic) and then lightly sautéed them.  From there, I plopped them into a large pyrex dish.  Closer to dinner time, I will add homemade prego sauce and cheese and throw them into the over. 

I also went ahead and started cooking some chicken for later this week for tacos.  Figured I was home, so let’s get a jump on things!


Chili and Baked Potatoes!  Yummy Yummy!  And the weather took a turn for more fall like temperatures so this will please the boys coming off the soccer fields!


Chicken Tacos….this will be a build your own and eat it whenever the hell ya want to night.  Pootie and Crash have opposite practice times plus Lola is going to a soccer practice (she thinks she wants to play again).  I need stuff that will be ready at a moments notice….can’t think of anything easier!!




Hubby will be at Robbs, so the kids and I will either 1-venture to Chile Verde (our favorite, duh) OR I might make semi homemade pepperoni rolls (they look like calzones to me) using a recipe I found on (none other than) Pinterest.  I found the dough at my local BI-LO this morning so I’m ready!!! 

Bon Appetite

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