Monday, October 29, 2012

Wacky Weather and Wonderful Warm Kitchen

I know many love the cool, crisp air that comes this time of year.  I really do not like it.  I’m sorry.  I don’t.  Aside from getting to wear my big comfy sweatshirt….I don’t really like anything about the fall.  Everything to me looks gloomy.  Especially today.  And yes, I am totally stressing over Hurricane Sandy. 

So, what does make me feel good – is planning out some warm, yummy meals for my family.  It’s the June Cleaver in me.

This week’s menu:


Ham, Hash Brown Casserole, Green Beans, Apple Crisp and dinner rolls.  The family loves it when I cook a ham.  (I have great luck with the Spiral Sliced hams at Aldi…..and for $14…ya can’t beat it.  Plus it makes great sandwiches the rest of the week). The house smells amazing right now  - the Apple Crisp is in the crock pot doing it’s thing…..


Beef and Veggie Stir Fry with Rice.  I can’t cook all of it ahead but I’ll have all my veggies cut up and I’ll slice the meet really thin and have it all done.  When the boys get home from practice (and hubby is reffing tomorrow night) I’ll thru it all in the wok…the rice will be in the steamer.  De-wish-us as the Bubba says…


Cheesy Chicken in the Crockpot over Noodles.  (This is a new recipe I found on Recipe Zaar.  Since it’s Halloween, I wanted something that I could have DONE and the kids could eat when they wanted to.


Crock Pot Roast with carrots, celery and Taters. Ahhh another family favorite and so very easy….I did this one a couple of weeks ago, one packet of italian salad dressing dry mix, one packet of ranch dry mix and one packet of brown gravy – add some water and pop the roast (any type) into the crock pot and COOK!  I’ll add the veggies in an hour or so later….


For me to suggest anything other than Chile Verde to my kids is just rididculous


BBQ sandwiches (I bought extra from the high school and froze it.)  I’ll do baked beans and some slaw.  Whoever does the BBQ for the high school does a great job…..and seriously, it freezes beautifully!


Lasagna!  NO great secret here….I really think one of the secrets to a good Lasagna is 1- get Kary Bryant to make one or 2- make it ahead.  For some reason – Lasagna is always better after it sits…Pootie has a Sunday night game at UNCC (5:30 if anyone is interested in coming) and I’ll make it that morning and then we’ll reheat it after we get home.

So, that’s it for now…

Good luck to everyone dealing with Sandy! 

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