Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dating…..hold on, I just threw up.

As I’ve mentioned Pootie (almost 16) has a girl friend.  She’s super sweet, so this is nothing against her.  Swear.  We’ve known her for years and I know her mother.  So my comfort level with that is “fine”.

I’m struggling with what to “allow” him to do….as far as time spent together.  Where do you draw the line with “ok, that’s enough”? 

And let me just be honest and say – OH MY GOSH – my son has a girlfriend…..

and I think…what the heck was I doing at the age….

And then I throw up. 

I’ve set up a few rules – because right now their actual out on a date time is pretty much dependent on us driving him… so most of their time spent together is at our house – or hers. 

1- there is NO going to each others home without a parent being there.  Period. 

2-See rule number 1 and remember it.  Because if you break it…I’ll choke you and you will not be allowed to spend any time together.

What other guidelines to I need to set, aside from the don’t sit near each other and no kissing, no touching, etc…..

I do not want to hear “you had boyfriends Amy”. 

I know!  Which is why this is totally stressing me out. 

My dad’s rule was no car dating until I was 16.  (A rule he bent by 14 days.  And he scared the guy to death.  Poor Tommy.  Dad met him at the door and said something like this “you are taking my most prized possession out, in your car, and I have a gun” ….Something along those lines.)

But I’ll go ahead and be honest.  Hell – they can’t ground me now.  Not bad anyway…

I did break the no dating rule, (more than once).  With the help of my cousin (Holly Beth) and my bff Sherri.  If there were several couples, it wasn’t a real date, right? 

One of my favorite memories of being that non dating age of 16, was going out on a date with a Boys of the Summer.  Holly picked me up at my Gram’s house and he was in his car up the road at the 7-11.  She dropped me off there and I got in the car with him….We were all going to the same place…..but I was NOT supposed to be in the car with him!!!  It was so awesome….so dangerous…(I was 14 and a half – yes you have to add the half- Christmas of 9th grade and NO, it was not the boy you hated from the summer Mom. Promise.)  Or spending the whole day and into the evening with a Boys of the Summer horseback riding…that was not a date….didn’t go anywhere, so it wasn’t a date!  (FYI, along with my friend Marybeth, I LOVE the song Boys of the Summer and I’ve always referenced these guys as Boys of the Summer….keeps names out of it ya know.)

Or “double dating” with Sherri and her boyfriend, and coincidently, I was “dating“ his friend, and Sherri could drive and oh look we’re all at the movies together. 

So knowing what I did…well you get the picture!!!!!   (Mom you really should not be reading this)


And I throw up.  

P.S.  Pootie has heard for years there is nothing that you can attempt to pull over on me, that I have not done or my cousin (his Aunt Holly) so don’t try it.  I’ll bust ya.)

And a P.S.S. I hope that our little joy Bubba is a reminder to all teenagers that abstinence is the ONLY 100% effective birth control!!!  Birth Control pills – only 99% effective….ask me!   

And here’s a funny – as I sit here in my office this morning, pondering my teenage ways and worrying about my teenager….Bubba screams….”Momma, I gotta go poopie!” 

My reality?

One kid asking to see his girlfriend and another one asking for me to help him up on the potty!

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