Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Recaps and captured moments….

It’s been two weeks since I posted anything. I purposely have not posted since going to get fitted for the new braces and traveling to Raleigh with Pootie.   Partly because it involved us not being home, again.  And partly because we’ve just been dang busy!

Thanksgiving we were away.  AGAIN.  At Disney for a soccer tournament.  AGAIN.  (I am happy to report that is the last time that we have to there over Thanksgiving – yippee!)  We were able, once again, to spend Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving with our family.  My mom honestly is the best cook.  (my kids tell me that all the time)  and I know she exhausts herself cooking for everyone – but it’s delicious!


And Pootie’s girlfriend, Katie, came too – here they are.  Yes, I am handling this ok.  She’s very sweet.   And yes, for those of you that have known me forever (mom stop reading) it HORRIFIES me because I was no angel.  All I’m saying about that.


The soccer trip was with Crash’s team.  My mom and dad graciously offered to keep Pootie and Lola, so we only had to contend with Crash and Bubba.  Poor Lola ended up with some yucky bug – and that’s when the village stepped in to help.  My mom had to work on that Friday after, my dad and brother were going to play golf, and Pootie had plans with Katie – so my brother’s girlfriend kept watch over Lola.  And dang if she didn’t end up sick. 

Soccer trip was fun – as much fun as it could be leaving AGAIN.  Crash’s team played well – and we had fun together.  Took Bubba to T-Rex at downtown Disney to eat – 




It was fun but it sure was nice to get home.  And the chaos started all over again….I spent last week trying to get caught up with work and stuff….and then Hubby and Pootie left to go to Tampa/Sarasota/Bradenton for the US Soccer Showcase.  They were gone from Friday night until last night (Tuesday night). 

Now I realize that I may sound very whimpy and silly when I say this – but I miss my hubby the little bit that he is gone.  Desperately. 

And yes, this is the same man I want to bash up against the head when he is home and under my feet.  But we have a routine – that consists of us talking every morning for about 30 minutes while he drives to work.  Seriously – that is OUR time.  When he was gone, we talked 30 times for about 45 seconds each time.  It was horrible  Go ahead, laugh – sometime in the next couple of weeks I’ll complain because he is driving me nuts.

This is the three from this weekend – we were picking up take out since the hubs and eldest were gone – isn’t it a cute picture?


So – since everyone is back I did my grocery shopping for the next couple of days – I’ll start next week with a longer time frame…here’s what's on the menu…

Tonight (Wednesday) – Jambalyla.  Super easy and so good with a crusty bread

Thursday night – Beef Stew with Carrots, Celery, and onions  and I’ll make some mashed taters for them to dump that over.

Friday – DUH….Chile Verde

Saturday – Chile (I had made a double batch the other week and froze half, so it’s cooked, just got to heat it up)

Sunday- Chicken of some sort – I’m deciding between two different options – I’ll update when I pick….

Oh and PS….

  • Disney is NOT the happiest place on earth – saw too many unhappy looking people, all pushing to get somewhere. I could NOT stand the crowds – and this was just at downtown Disney!
  • Smoking ANY where on Disney property should be against mouse law or something.  (Yes- this from a former smoker).  Cause the smokers try to walk around and create a BURN hazard!  as in burning me!  Stupid people.
  • The jacked up prices that places around the Disney/Orlando area are CRAZY.  I just don’t get how people afford to take families there – much less some of the folks that we saw.  All kinds o’ teeth missing!

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