Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

This past Saturday Lola wanted to go ice skating.  And since Peppa Pig has ice skated – Bubba wanted to as well.  (Peppa Pig is his absolute favorite!)  The big boys wanted no part of it….

So off we went.

Lola is a wild woman on the ice – all I’m saying. I got NO pictures of her – she was too fast!  I think you might see her in a couple of the videos that I got of Bubba.

And Yes he did skate, with help.  Help that HE DID NOT WANT.  He just knew he could do it by himself.  Peppa says “swish swish push” so he knew HOW to do it.  Had we not kept our hands on him – he was hell bent on going without us!




And here is some video of tough guy and his first ice skating outing!  (Excuse the jumpy-ness of it – I was skating too – almost made myself dizzy!)

I can do it myself!

Sunday we went to the PANTHER’s game – all SIX of us!  Hubby’s work was very generous and gave us 6 VERY nice tickets, along with the Hospitality Tent passes.  We had so much FUN! 

Bubba and Crash


Me and the Hubby. 


Lola and two of the TopCat Panther “cheerleaders”  (FYI – I’m not really sure why they call them cheerleaders – seriously – no cheering going on….dancers, maybe.  I think they do a heck of a lotta bar girl hair swinging. )


And one of our favorite moments – getting to meet Dwight Stone, former NFL player. He is now a police officer here in town and on weekends he is one of the NFL’s Ambassadors.  He is awesome – and as a TRUE STEELERS fan- I was quite impressed!!!  As was the little Miss….


Here he is during his Steeler days…..

And the boys with the Top Cats….


And Bubba with his Sissy – holding up the card of his favorite player – CAM NEWTON


And in our seats –we had super fabulous seats – row 9 and 10….


Here is our “little” family…..all in our Panther’s gear…


Me with my boy Crash.


And Bubba really had the best time…


and as the game started to wind down…


he started hugging his daddy…..


and he was ready for a nappy noodle.


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