Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not the Christmas Card

You may remember last year at this time, I was having a good ol time posting pictures of my kids – but letting you know that these were NOT the Christmas card pictures!

Welp – it’s that time of year again…time to play, NOPE not the Christmas card…and to show you how dang cute my kids are and how much they have grown.

The Bubba in 2010.  Seriously – cracks me up the think that he was BALD!


And December 2011 – the blond curls had been HACKED off once…..


And now – 2012.  He has grown so much.  He likes his hair cut short short like the big boys…..and the boy would wear a button down shirt everyday if I let him. 


And Lola – 2010.  She looks like a babe here…


And December 2011….the short hair cut year….she went the year then decided it was time to grow it back out.


And POOF – I have a preteen this year.  Isn’t she just gorgeous.  From the inside out let me tell ya.  Still the best hugger in the world.

And my blonde baby boy, Crash 2010…he has changed so much!!!


And December 2011…


And 2012….he is such a young man.  Heart still worn on his sleeve…just love him for that.

And Pootie - 2010


December 2011 – he had his braces – and was not happy about having a picture taken with them on!


And now, my baby, first born, is going to be 16 soon!!!!  uggggg  He is a fine young man….and I am such a young mother….


The group shot from 2011 – seems like longer than a year has passed  …….


….when you look at this picture.  And – this is not THE Christmas picture…


And 2010 -




2012 …….fyi – this is NOT the Christmas picture!


And you guessed it 2010


And 2011



And YOU KNOW we had to do it this year – so 2012…the standard Dub Kid Family Photo.  And NOPE, not the Christmas card.



Disclaimer – we went to the Picture People the other day because Hubby won a FAT $200 Gift Certificate in a golf tourney.  That is the ONLY reason we went there.  My photo friend reminds me that those type of places make there money with traditional style poses – but that does NOT work for our family.  We’re just not like that.  The fabulous shots of my kids in the red and black outfits are done by Suzy of Suzy Moore Photography.  She has been taking pictures of all my kids since they were wee babes and gets the best out of them.  Portrait Innovations has done the rest.

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