Monday, February 25, 2013

Parenting 101

I’m sitting at my laptop having a Mommy moment. My moment involves me chewing my tongue off, by NOT reminding my child that he is supposed to have a certain piece of paperwork done BEFORE Wednesday night, in order for me to take him to get a certain item that MOST 16 year olds want as soon as they can get it.

I reminded him back over the Christmas break.  I reminded him over the winter break a couple of weeks ago, and I reminded him a week and a half ago.

I’ve done my part. 

Natural consequences occur naturally, hence the name. They are not controlled or manipulated by anyone, they simply just happen but are not always a surprise (especially NOT to this mom).  Then there is the whole positive and negative natural consequence discussion.  A positive N.C is planting a flower, caring for it, flower grows.  A negative N.C is if ya put your finger in the socket NATURALLY you will get a shock (sorry, bad humor). 

A natural consequence is different than a LOGICAL consequence.  Logical consequences are situations engineered by the person in authority and they are logically connected to the wrong.  A good simple example of a logical consequence is if you do not make curfew, I ground you. 

And now, he will need to either DO IT or face the oh so dreaded NATURAL CONSEQUENCE. Or is it a logical consequence….I really can’t decide in this situation. 

All I know is that I am NOT going to remind him again that the DMV FORM of your 60 hour driving record has to be done OR YOU DO NOT GET YOUR DAMN LICENCE! 



How’s that for a consequence big guy????

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