Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Teenagers– Oi vey!!

The eldest of the big 3 is going to be turning 16 soon. 

If I don’t choke him first.

He is acting like a teenager. 

Shocking…(I know.)

And it’s getting on my nerves. ON MY EVERY LAST GOOD NERVE.

And at my age – there really aren’t that many left.

I can be flexible and roll with many things.  ONE thing I cannot stand (and WILL NOT ) is the lack of consideration when my child does not tell me where they are after school when they should already be home.  (again, referring to the teenager who rides in cars with other teenagers.)

The rule is this.  School gets out at 2:15.  With the line of students getting out of the parking lot, traffic, etc…..his butt should be in this house about 2:45.  If he is staying after for club, study session, waiting on his ride, going to grab a bite…WHATEVER….LET ME KNOW.   I’m good – just a quick text….ya know on that phone that I provide for you. 

(FYI, I am like this about my hubby too.  Stay at work till the cows come home.  Just tell me before it’s late so I don’t worry that you were one of the cars in that horrible accident that the news just reported…..)

A simple text.  At school.  Going to Chi-fil-a. 

When I have to text him at 3:15 to find out where he is…I get really peeved.

So, in my frustration the other day….when it was 3:08 and I’d still not heard from him….

and then this came across my phone.

3:09pm Pootie:  Oh my goodness I thought I texted you.  We’re at chickfila (his spelling by the way).  I thought I text I’m so sorry.


3:32pm Pooite:  Is everything alright?  You didn’t text back?

REALLY ??????????????????????????????

How about NOT texting at all???????

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Kim Branch said...

I can so feel your pain, Amy! I have had this conversations one too many times. And isn't it funny how when you don't text them back they get concerned but they can do it to you.