Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crazy Week, Crazy People

Funny or just plain re-donk-u-lous!!!

  • Hi - we are trying to figure out which after school day care to send our child to, are the school buses air conditioned? Because if they are not, we are going to go to this different day care because it will provide an air conditioned bus. Ok - seriously - we are in CMS, air conditioned buses? We are lucky to have air conditioned classrooms. Hello!!!! right now, we are lucky to have teachers!
  • Are you a peanut free school? (No we are not, but we do have peanut free classrooms and lunch tables) Oh - that's good because my daughter just has to have her peanut butter!!! And the other school she could go to is a peanut free school. I didn't really know that was a deciding factor in picking a school, but OK~
  • What if my child doesn't like that book that is his grade level REQUIRED summer reading? Your child is so special, let's make sure he/she can go thru life never having to read something that he doesn't want to, heck...he doesn't even have to do homework unless he wants to!!!
  • We've heard that teacher is too strict...can we switch?! Why sure ma'am, call us when your child has a professor in college or a boss later in life that is strict and we can "wub" his back and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ahh - the heart of a volunteer - just makes you feel warm all over doesn't it? Don't you feel good about me being in charge?