Thursday, August 14, 2008

Le Thursday

Last night was a yucky night for Pootie. He is really not getting into the whole new soccer coach thing. He had the same coach for almost 3 years. Enter new coach. New coach with an accent. English accent. And he talks fast. Pootie can't understand him. Pootie also doesn't like the fact that he doesn't know all the players names yet. Pootie does not do well being called Lad. He knows that means he doesn't know his name.

And I have been really swamped this week with PTA stuff. And the summer boredom that he is facing is my fault if I am not here. Like I would be running his skinny butt all over town trying to entertain him. I don't think so.

To the point.

Lola spent the night at Nin and Pops, so Pootie, Crash and I decided to get up and go to Le Peep for Le Breakfast at Le 7 in the morning. It would make Le Pootie Le Happy. 7 am did not Le happen. We ended up calling Le Lola who wanted to go with us. So at Le 8:45 we picked her up and went to eat. They were very happy. Le Petite Toast is the boys' favorite. Lola likes the Happy Face Pancake. I like the Spinnaker Le Omelet. All is right with the Le World.

Then I went to school. Copied LOTS of stuff. Come home. Take the kids to Blockbuster, still trying to help make them not bored and not blaming me for the fact that summer is LE OVER. And then. The Big Surprise. We went to freaking Baskin Robbins. 100% Happiness is a cone. Who knew it was that Le Easy!!!

We found out that the Dunkin Donuts that is right up the street from us now is open at 5 in the morning.

Guess where we are going tomorrow morning!!