Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nineteen Minutes

I am "this close" do be done reading Nineteen Minutes. It is probably the most emotionally draining book I have ever read. EVER. "NM" was the assigned reading for the teachers at the bebe's elementary school. Since I substitute there, and being a part of the PTA, I jumped at the chance to read what our teachers "had" to read over the summer.

I wish I had never read this book. It has bothered me so much, I just can't finish it. And every parent and school child should have to read this book. It is very long and it has the smallest font - so I caution you.. And there are some parts that have some pretty strong s-e-x stuff, and violence, so it's not really kid appropriate. BUT EVERY ONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK!!! If you have children in school, home-school, private school, public school. It doesn't matter.

Please go to the link for Nineteen Minutes and read about this book. It will make you think about growing up, what you went through, about others you knew, things you saw. You will think about hurtful words and how you talk to your own children and other children that you may come in contact with. You will cry, you will understand, you will question the world that our children are growing up in.

It will touch you. I just need to finish it. I know exactly what happens at the end, don't ask me how, but I do. And I just need to go ahead and cry and finish it.

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