Monday, August 4, 2008

The EEEviiiil side of me...

I can be very mean and vindictive. Shocker, right? Tonight I am feeling EEEVVIILLLL....think Dr. Evil from Austin Powers....and all of sudden you are making the " sign with our fingers....aren't you? "" "" "" ""

I'll stop.

So, my dear friend, the Henry, as had a horrible year. The wench who took my place (like that would EVER be possible) in the company embezzled a BAZILLION dollars. He found out this past October. So. It's just been a fiasco. Several state tax agencies involved, IRS, attorneys, accountants. And so on...

And then, the arrest warrant was issued. And she turned herself in. You can go to this link to look at her. Seriously. If you are turning yourself in, ya might try to look a little better. She didn't. And it appears that she ate a lot of the money that she EMBEZZLED. search by the last name pfenninger.

I should not be so happy that she now is "on the website". But I am. She deserves it, 100%. The Henry has owed this company for roughly 17 years. That's how long I've known him. I worked for him for 6ish years and very hard to help make this little one man show a big deal. And in a couple of years, she totally destroyed it.

WENCH!!!! So let me bask in the glory that our judicial system is, for the moment, working.

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