Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday wrap up...

It rained ALL day here in the south! And now, it's actually chilly! I had to wear a sweat jacket out to Pootie's soccer practice tonight. Now I am home, drinking a cold canned beverage whilst I cook dinner. Lola is with her grandparents (insert angels singing right here..) Crash is outside playing with his buddy from down the street. Pootie is still at practice, the Hubby is bringing him home. After they stop at the grocery store for milk.

I AM HOME ALONE RIGHT NOW AND THERE ISN'T A TV ON. It's very quite - except little wimpy boy Henry Cooper is outside barking at the door to come in. He is a such a baby! Shelby Elizabeth just goes with the flow!

So, I have spent the last couple of days at school. Volunteering. It's very insightful. What the secretaries must go through to get the rosters ready to go is unbelievable. And they are there this week, not getting paid. If they waited until next week, they still wouldn't get paid because they would be working so much freaking OT to get caught up. RE-DONK-U-LOUS!

I have heard some really silly questions from some parents calling in. Some just make me laugh. It's amazing how many people really think that the world revolves around them. FYI folks, it doesn't and lordy are your children going to have a difficult time in the real world! This is my favorite mind you, i have not used names to protect the innocent...that would be me! And I have added in translations where needed. Let me also say that this so does not apply to all the wonderful folks that work at other times so unselfishly throughout the year. This is just the ME ME ME folks.

ring ring
Me: Good Morning Elementary School, this is MomCanI, how can I help you?
Goofy Parent: Yes, when are teacher assignment letters going out?
Me: Next week. (translation: the same dang time they have gone out the past 6 years, D.A.)
G.P: Well, we are going on vacation next week.
Me: That's great!! I hope you have a great time! (translation: yeah - great thanks - while the few are in here busting their butts, you never volunteer do ya?)
G.P: Well how are we supposed to find out who little wonderful child has for a teacher?
Me: Stay home and get ya damned mail. OK - no wait - that was the translation part. What I say is, gosh, I'm not really sure, you have several options. One, you could get a neighbor to check your mail. Two, you could have your phone's forwarded to your cell phone because teachers are still going to call, like they have done every year. And three, you can call us on Thursday or Friday and we can tell you.
G.P. But we are stopping our mail until we get home.
Me: Not sure what else to tell ya, but I can tell ya, we ain't telling ya who ya damned teacher is right now! Whooops..that's the translation part again! Slipsies!!!