Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Crash Story

Hubby & I went to the 2 younger bebe's teacher conferences yesterday. The kids are smart, doing well in school. blah blah blah. Don't misunderstand, I totally think it's important. Crash had to come to our conference with his teacher. It's a student led conference. Cool.

His teacher is a good guy, yep, a guy, Mr. P. Mr. P lets us in on the fact that Crash is somewhat of the class clown. Lovely. (Although, that really doesn't bother me either. I figure if I'm not getting notes home that he's disrupting class, it's all good.)


Mr. P tells us that there was a class spelling bee. Crash didn't do so well. I'm stunned (NOT! - Crash hates standing up in front of people being put on the spot.) Two misspelled words knocked him out. One was teriyaki. (Heck, I"m not sure I just spelled that right.) And then then other one, MENU.

Yes, the word that knocked him out was MENU!!! Go ahead, ask me how he spelled it.


P-I-E. He spelled MENU, PIE! I said "Crash" and he looked at me and said, I didn't want to do it mom. Which again, no big shocker there. Give him something to memorize and recite, he can do it, put him on the spot with an unknown. NOPE. He turned down a spot last year to meet and play a game on stage with some Carolina Panthers guy, just because he didn't want to be ON STAGE!! HELLO!!!

So, PIE it is. I'm good with that.

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