Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week is quickly going down the drain....

We went to the funeral for Grandmother. It was truly lovely. She would have approved. We had to the "visitation" at her house after the funeral. Everything was just as she would have wanted it. The silver platters, crystal pitchers, dollies. Pretty table clothes, and yummy food. Ok, the iced cooler in the laundry room with the beer in it that HollyBeth's dear husband stashed in hiding for us would have gotten us a tisk tisk or two from her. But - we needed it!

And then we got home Sunday night. And I came home with what I first thought was too much rowdiness, but is for sure a stomach bug.

Monday night, cat number 3 died. We think he was hit by a car and then crawled (dragged) his poor little body home, to die there. Great.

And Hubby has his knee surgery tomorrow.

Yeah - it's just headed down the drain. Trust me when I say I cannot take much more.

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