Thursday, November 6, 2008


Seriously. There are very few things in this world that just make me want to MELT!! Fall down in the floor and melt kind of melt.

ahhhh Doug Ross, MD. He makes me melt. this is our song too, if you must know. I let them borrow it - you know, they have twin girls together. It seemed, well, the only thing I could do.

Yeah - I know he looks happy to see HER in this clip, but he is really just fooling her. He is still begging for me to leave Hubby. I keep telling him ya just can't throw 14 years of marriage down the drain....or, well, we'll talk about that later. The surgery is coming up in less than 2 weeks after all.

So you ask where all of this is coming from? (Hello, did you just miss the part about THE knee surgery? Wake up, pay attention willl ya!)

My life has been very incomplete since he left me andm well if you must know, County Hospital. We've managed, but it's been tough. Luka was really nice, a man with an accent is always a good choice, although I cannot stand "the new Aussie", what's his face. I can barely understand his utterances.

Mark was very dependable. The kind of guy ya marry. (I have one of those for goodness sakes, why would I want one more?) John fell into the same category for me as Mark at first, however, he so got better with age! And then he left for freaking Africa and that skinny wench.

Ray tried to help, but eh, the whole car accident-double amputee-him moving to Louisiana really got in the way of things. Of course there's Tony, and he's a fun guy and all, still not sure if I can trust him. I still do not get what they all see in Neeeee-la. GAG.

But NO ONE has ever done it for me the way Doug has. It's the put your chin down, tilt the head to the side ever so slightly and then look up with your eyes.

Why am I bringing all of this up now? Well, I just got a letter from Doug. It appears that he is in desperate need a break from Carol and the twin girls, Tess and Kate. He is coming back to me and County. Finally. Maybe.

He said John and Peter were coming back too!

I can hardly wait.

My heart is all a flutter.

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