Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am so Mad!

Pootie usually gets home from school anywhere from 3:45-4:00. Depends on if their bus is broken down AGAIN. Yesterday, about 4:15, I started looking out the window to see if he was just walking down the street really slow. Not the case. No Pootie.

About 4:25, BFF calls and says, I'm getting in the car, the bus has been in accident, walk outside and get in the car with me. So, I go flying out the door. 'Bout that time, Pootie calls from Sheild's daughter's cell phone. (Of all days, Pootie's phone was here at home on the charger.) He is fine. Come get him. I told him that BFF and I were on our way.

Get to the "scene". Dumba*^ bus driver, according to all the children on the bus, fell asleep and ran into the back of another school bus. Lovely.

I am so mad on so many levels. The pompous a*^ from area transportation was exactly that, a pompous a*^, and will forever more be known as PA. And while PA was there, not a single person from the middle school showed up. PA almost got himself smacked a couple of times, and that's not even counting the me. That was from the police officers that he was totally ticking off. Un-freaking-believable. PA did nothing but spout about of political nonsense that, come to find out, because I know people, was a big fat lie. Just like him.

So, police are trying to get all the info, news helicopter is flying overhead, kids are being moved form one bus to another and PA is talking out his rear end. The police were trying to get the names of all the children on the bus. Because they have to have that. Well, NC law states that within 30 days of school starting, all buses should have a from filled out listing each child's name that rides that bus and where they sit. Did the bus driver have that list, nope. she did not. She tired to pass around a blank list and have the kids quickly write their names down. The list did not make it to every child. And some of them were not writing very legibly. Not their faults, they were just in a bus accident!

Here's the best part. The kids are put on a new bus. They have a new bus driver. The sleepy bus driver has to immediately go down for drug testing. Guess how she gets there. (you are going to love this)...she got on the other bus and drove it there.

Ain't that something. That scenario is comparable to'am, we think you might have been drinking - we'll meet you downtown for a DUI test.

Monday morning, BFF and I are headed over to the school to have a pow wow. We still have had to phone call or anything to check to see if the kids are ok. Nothing.

And the kids whose parents didn't get the phone call from the illegal cell phones, their kids were probably about 2+ hours late getting home from school. And had they tried calling the school to find out where their bebe's were...there was no one at the school.

They could have watched the news was breaking news!!!!


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Merae said...

nightmare on so many levels! i am so sorry, but so glad the kids are okay.