Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He's out there!!!

Hubby is outside doing yard work in the dark. 'Cause of this whole fall back crap it's dark dark dark at 6:00 pm. Really gets on my nerves. I need sunshine for as long as possible. All this does is make me put my kids to bed earlier than I already do, just so I can go to bed!!!

Honest. Ask them. They hate it.

Oh, back to the point. Hubby knows that I am watching, waiting, stalking him if you will. TRYING TO GET A DANG PICTURE OF HIM WITH THE DANG HEADLIGHT ON HIS HEAD. So, he is purposely NOT wearing it right now.

I'm mad.

I"ll have a beer - as I listen to my man Trace singing to me. Man just gives me chills. And I liked him before he was a hunka hunka burning love on The Apprentice. It's the hat, the voice, the butt, the jeans, the hat, the hair.

I know, I'm off track again. Big deal!! It's my website!!! Don't like it? Get your own!!!

So, hubby is out in the dang dark, trying to weed and feed by the house lights JUST so I can't get a picture for my website.

I personally think that is sooooooo selfish of him.

And yes, today I am talking about anything other than that dang election. :)

Cause I'm a rock star and I don't need you, and you're a tool. Again, off track.

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