Friday, December 10, 2010

Cutts gets married, take 2!

So remember back in April when my friend, Cutts, got married? Well she wasn’t super thrilled with the wedding photographer’s pictures.   Lots of people are in that boat.  She just decided to do something about it!  How cool is that. 

So over Thanksgiving, she and Grimmer  and Justine (her step daughter) got dressed up in their wedding day finest and went back to the hotel, with an incredible DIFFERENT photographer…and did it again!!!

The pictures are amazing…

here are some of my favorites.  Cutts had written (like she did back in high school) on the bottom of her shoes

This one is my absolute favorite…

and this one….gorgeous…

this one is so Cutts it just makes me smile….


So, Courtney – KUKOS to you for capturing an incredible moment, that yes, was re-created, but they look as happy and in love in these pictures as they did in real life on that day back in April!!!

Make sure you check our her website!!!!!

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