Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Or as my Gram’Mabel, god rest her soul, would have said……

Mer’ Cri’ma Chil’ren.


We went to Itsty and Poppa Dave’s last night (Neil’s mom and stepdad) and then this afternoon we will go over to Ninni and Poppa’s house…that’s my mom and dad….

But for now, all the presents are opened here at the house.

All the kids are happy.  Lola got a gorgeous antique desk for her room and lots of desk-y type things…just as she wanted.


And here they all are in their new jammies.  Pooite got Batman, Crash got Spiderman, Lola got Hello Kitty, and Little Bubba got Superman.  And of course the big boys humored me by putting them on for a picture.  (The jammie pants are super soft so they will actually wear them.)



with a child size snugglie – the big boys each got one too.


looking a the little things Santa left….big boys got exactly what they wanted…clothes… sheets (they each want their rooms re-done)


My favorite pictures are from Thursday.  We took the kids to the mall to see Santa.  Again, the big boys humored us….100_2684

The babe was so NOT afraid of Santa….





Big Brother finally had to pick up the babe so others could have their turn….he didn’t want to leave AT ALL.  


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Marybeth said...

Loved running into you guys! My pics are NOT posted yet-- perhaps they will be one day. Perhaps. Also have taken NO pics of the kiddos out in the snow. We have had two of the laziest days I can remember yesterday and today, partially fueled by the fact that about half of us feel terrible. And also partially because Freaks And Geeks had a two day marathon.