Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some family pictures to share

Thanksgiving for us was a trip to Disney World for a Soccer Tournament.  After getting very very very ticked off at us, my mother finally relented and made a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast for us on the Wednesday night before, so we could get up early on Thanksgiving morning to drive to Disney.  We were very Thankful to be able to spend the evening with my family, and especially my brother. 
My brother does NOT like having his picture taken and insisted on making goofy faces every time he saw me try to take a picture.  So, here he is, silly faces and all.
And this is protecting our country…….
100_2536 And here he is with Crash (who is quite snaggle tooth-ed right now.  His braces will be on by July 2011…)100_2537 And with my Daddy100_2548
Nothing like a finger in a pie…… 100_2549
My brother in the middle of all my bebe’s.  That’s Pootie’s soccer buddy in the top right.  I call him my little Burrito.  We just love him and were so excited that he got to go with us for the tourney.  Sadly, he is moving this coming week back to California.  100_2552
Lola at the stairs to the soccer fields at Disney/ESPN Wide World of Sports.  She had the best time, they had a DJ and dance floor – so girl was happy happy happy.  100_2562100_2563 

Crash during his first Friday morning game……100_2573

And My Little Burrito  holding and being so sweet to little Bubba.  Bubba has asked for him repeatedly.  100_2581 100_2587100_2565



And this is Bubba with one of his favorite girlies in the world, Maddie.  Bubba LOVES her and she is so sweet with him.  He knows he can say please really sweet to her and she’ll take him to the slides.  100_2556

Is this not the cutest thing – he was falling asleep on his Daddy’s shoulders.  And let me say, I think my hubby looks kind of hot in these pictures!
And Lola looking over the parking lot…. I think it was still early one of the mornings….    100_2555
Here is Little Bubba Baby eating a banana.  The boy loves bananas – but don’t try to help him or take it out of the peel.  He gets very angry.  And we don’t like it when he gets angry. 
And blowing kisses….
These are from today – I was out blowing leaves in the front yard and yes, holding a camera at the same time.  Thought it was so sweet because Crash and Lola were outside with little Bubba. 
100_2645100_2648     100_2649 100_2650    100_2651

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