Sunday, December 26, 2010


So for those of you that have been living in a cave without TV or internet access, North Carolina got snow.  Some new record for this day or something like that. 
For those of you who don’t know, I hate snow.  Truly, I do.  And please don’t do the whole “but it’s so pretty deal with me”.  I remain true to my “I hate snow” status. 
But, as I always do, I sucked it up and went outside for some pictures, it was after all, the babes first time “in the snow”.  (Last winter it was more ice and he was so little, so it doesn’t count)
I want sunshine and 80 degrees if anyone cares!!!!
On a side not, the big kids are not in the pictures because 1- the biggest of the bigs didn’t want to go outside. 2- Crash took off to be with his buddies and 3- Lola stuck around for 2.4 seconds before she took off….leaving the babe to be the “lone” subject.
Headed out the door with Daddy’s help – we kept waiting for him to say he couldn’t put his arms down…
Lola’s little snowman
       and Lola making bunny ears on her snowman.  (I still don’t get why kids do that…)
Sissy helping….yep he calls her Sissy… 
          No, the pictures is not upside down, he fell over..and couldn’t get up! 



Ok, so my brother did get to come home from Fort Benning for Christmas.  He will be home until January 9th ish, I believe.  The guys in charge gave them extended time off because they will not have leave again before they are deployed sometime by the end of January.  As always, we are not sure where he is going or exactly when…but please continue to pray for him.  As you can see, he needs it.  This is from “Army Training sir”.   That’s our story and we are sticking to it.

last night at Ninni and Poppa’s house…
100_2738 100_2739
Sitting in Poppa’s (or as he calls him, BOAT) lap trying to help them play Ace-y Duece-y. 
100_2742 100_2743
Two Ace-y Duece-y games going at the same time….we’re serious. 
Cutest thing is that the Babe now says Ace-y Duece-y and calls for six’s and double’s.  So funny.  Twisted but funny.


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