Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It’s almost 2011

I’m still trying to get used to writing 2010 and now I have to train my brain to write 2011.  Not cool.

But as you know, time flies when you are having fun – or not, cause it’s flying with or without you.

Have you started to think yet about goals or dreams for 2011 yet?  I have.  Not going to call them resolutions because I think then you are just doomed to fail. 

Goals is a better word…Dreams is catchy.

1- I want to work at getting organized around the house again.  I used to keep a very organized and clean house.  Somewhere towards the end of 2008 that went to hell in a hand basket.

2- I want to clean out all the riff raff in the closets and etc.  Doesn’t that always need to be done? 

3- I want to stick to my cooking and planning meals.  I truly think that my family is happier and more functional when I know what we are eating each day before dinner time.  Ok, I’m happier and more functional. 

4- I want to stay on an exercise routine.  I was doing really well for the fall.  Started to feel good, clothes were fitting that hadn’t fit since oh, somewhere around the end of 2008 (sounds like I blame a lot on the end of 2008 huh, I don’t, it’s just that’s when my life took a 180)  The cold weather has really thrown a wrench in the walking everyday first thing in the morning….which is a lame excuse since I have an elliptical INSIDE. 

5- I want to continue to make time for me and my hubby.  I enjoy hanging out with him.  There are only a few times that I want to smack him upside his head :-) Just kidding (Not really)  Love ya honey. 

6- I want to have more fun with the kids.  These are such neat ages for all of them…and Pootie is growing up right before my eyes.   In a couple of years, he’ll be off at college.  God Help Me!!! 


So that’s my list so far……

Happy Almost 2011!!!!

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