Thursday, November 1, 2012

Decisions Decisions

First he thought he wanted to be an alien (remember, he has older siblings, so going thru their trunk of old costumes is just what he does)


Then he thought maybe the SCREAM guy was a good idea…



Then Jason…




But he decided on Captain Hook….now, Just so ya know – Pootie and Crash both wore this same outfit….how freakin’ cute huh?



Bless his little heart – he did manage to Trick or Treat at SEVEN houses, but that was all he could handle.  He has the CROUP and it has really wiped him out.

On a side note, the steroid is HORRIBLE.  Dealing with a 3 year old jacked up – is HELL.  Doc said it would probably make him mean as a snake. 

Snake is mild in comparison.


and here he is sporting one of his new tatoos (he calls them Hi-Toos)  just so ya know – that is a MACAW on his shoulder.  He said it was a MACAW – not me.  I called it a damn bird….

And all Pirates wear a MACAW on their shoulder.

One more funny thing…

This is my crazy big dog, Henry Cooper, (yes, he was named after a soap opera character – if you ever watched Guiding Light.)

Henry is HUGE – he’s a black lab and boxer mix – just big…but he has never acknowledged he is big…so here he is this morning – trying to relax on the stairs….he’s bracing himself so he doesn’t fall off!!! Smart – but not working really well….


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suzycm said...

sweet little fraptian hook. SO CUTE.