Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel, Braces and Art!

So we’ve had a several busy days.  We took Pootie to Raleigh for a Soccer College Showcase.  Two games.  They won.  College coaches watched.  There ya have it.  Crash and Lola went to Bristol, Tennessee with Itsy and Poppa Dave for Dave’s moms 100th (yes 100th) birthday party.  Crash, being the charmer that he is – told her she didn’t look a day over 90.  He has such a way with women, don’t cha think?


Bubba and I went for a fitting for his new braces this past Friday.  He was NOT happy about it.  He says that he walks "jess fine Momma” and that we “will not wear them”.  I am HOPEFUL that since he will be in two SMO’s (little braces that just go around his ankles) and not an AFO (the big one that went up the back of his right leg) that he will be more tolerant.

I know.  I laugh as I typed that too.





Here he was a YEAR ago, getting the first set of braces.  Not only has he grown 4 inches since this time last year – CHECK OUT HIS CURLS!!!! 



Look at that face!!!  OH he makes my heart melt. 

Last year he picked out BLUE soccer balls and cleats as the design.  This year – he went really out on a limb and picked out GREEN soccer balls and cleats. 


And here was this mornings PT and art all tied up together.  Painting!  This was a GREAT PT exercise too because he had to maneuver around the table and keep his feet FLAT (no tip toes on his right foot).  He loved it!  There was lots of stretching and movement…and let’s face it.  HE GOT DIRTY and had  BLAST!!!!!  He must had painted 5 coats before I finally pulled out the black paint and then did his hand prints! 


Isn’t it cute for my office? 

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Jessi said...

Oh boy... getting fitted for braces is the worst! But yay for SMO's!