Wednesday, September 24, 2008

14 Years!

Today is our 14th Anniversary! Can ya believe it? Yeah - me either. And I'm sure Hubby is still shaking his head trying to figure out why me!!!!! Of course, with this whole knee surgery pending, I'm shaking my head too! I'm still waiting on the newer model to show up.

and waiting, and waiting.

My brother left this morning. I'll be anxious to hear from him once he gets down to Georgia. He has an email address. No, I have not emailed him just yet. (I left the address in my office at dad's. Need to go get it.)

Last night, yes a TUESDAY, I "had" to take Pootie to Winston Salem for a soccer game. A 7 pm soccer game on a school night. The drive was not that bad. There were 4 boys, including Pootie, and then a dad who rode it the car with me. He's a POLICE OFFICER....rrrrrrrr. He didn't wear his uniform. Bummer. I did get to hear some stories though! And he drove home. Which was nice. I hate driving at night.

I think that means I am getting old.

14 years of marriage will do that to a person!!!

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